What Should You Know About the Cambridge Backed Bench?

7th Jan 2019 offers high-quality memorial benches that are antique and perfect for memorializing your loved one. Memorial benches have become a popular choice among our customers and since we know what our customers demand, we readily offer them what they are looking for. Today, we’ll talk about the Cambridge Backed Bench that our customers love.

If you are looking for a beautiful, sustainable and practically maintenance-free memorial bench, the Cambridge backed bench is the right choice. While being cast out of recycled plastic, the bench is sturdy and durable just like benches cast out of iron. The Cambridge backed bench is an affordable bench but its characteristics are similar to that of premium memorial benches. The bench also comes with a customizable plaque allowing you to engrave inscriptions. This inscription can either be a long lovable message, a memorial, advertisement or congratulations. You can buy laminates or plaques for a price of $110. The message that you wish to inscribe should be up to 3 lines and have a maximum 20 character limit per line of text.

The bench itself comes in three different sizes - 4ft, 6ft, and 8ft. There are three different colors to choose from - the weather, brown and black. The top layer of the bench comes in black, brown, cedar, gray, green, sand, or weathered. The plaques come in two colors – green with white letters or gold with black letters.